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Dive into personal stories from my spiritual healing & personal growth journey including channeled lessons, teachings, practises, & codes revealed with each ego death, rebirth, & soul awakening

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In our desire to surrender to the Universe, to release, and allow ourselves to be guided toward our highest, most divine, loving timeline, there’s a piece that’s often missing. You can surrender all day long, and the Universe will always answer, but at the point of inspired action is fear keeping you from taking it? […]


this Journal is a peek into the revelations of my          & revival of my             

My hope is that you find connection, feel understood, & see the beauty in your own journey through the codes of mine

this Journal is a peek into the revelations of my           & revival of my             




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Through spiritual, energetic, & somatic awakening, healing, & cleansing I ignited my inner guidance, divine gifts, & soul codes; shifting my life from the inside out

Hey! I'm jaymie

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When I'm not working, I'm snuggled up with my husband & 2 pups, a mystery novel, & matcha latte - extra cinnamon🍵

this is why we create from the inside out!

In trusting my intuition, trusting there's unlimited guidance available, & trusting that my spiritual team are eager co-creators of the desires in my heart

The unlimited & unconditional love, wealth, freedom, & joy I found within myself is within you too, just waiting to be remembered & set free

I spent years in self-discovery, intensive learnings, & trainings to awaken & hone my own spiritual gifts, discovering that I've been training to bring this work to my soul clients for lifetimes

I found flow with my quantum self & divine, spiritual creatrix within to recall & reconnect with the higher frequencies I could weave through my life; naturally elevating everything within & around me


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