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Mar 28, 2024

I am gifted in many ways, and I’m willing to bet you are too.

Often our greatest gifts are hidden in the mundane, in the easy ways that we flow or speak throughout the day.

They’re hidden in the easy ways we relate to or help others.

They’re hidden in the repeated questions our co-workers, employees, family, and friends come to us for to seek answers, solutions, or other options.

They’re hidden in the perception shifts or alternative silver linings that come easily to your mind.

One of the ways I have always been gifted is in explaining an idea, concept, or lesson in multiple ways in one conversation.

For example:

have you ever been in a conversation where you aren’t grasping what the other person is saying or explaining so you ask them to go deeper or explain further and they continue to repeat the same words over and over?

And you’re looking at them, both of you frustrated, because the problem isn’t that you can’t hear them but that you don’t understand the words they are saying.

But they can’t seem to explain it in any other way?!

I first discovered this power of mine as a Math and English tutor in high school where I found I was able to shift my teaching approach to cater to the other students I was tutoring.

When I could see that look on their face of defeat because they weren’t understanding that was making them feel like they’d never understand it.

But I would see that dawning coming and I would change my approach, I would explain in a different way, and I was able to explain in different ways until I finally saw the light in their eyes when a lesson broke through.

I watched them grab the path I illuminated for them and follow it down to understanding and suddenly they were solving equations and explaining each meanings and the light I felt inside of me was in being able to help them find that path.

It was the most beautiful moment to be part of because I was watching the belief that they’d never understand shift right before my very eyes into a new belief that opened up to the potential within them they were excited to grab onto.

That realization that maybe their teacher, or parents, or bullies were wrong, and they weren’t in fact unintelligent, they just needed someone to be able to help them connect to the lesson in a way that aligned to THEIR frequency of learning.

I didn’t realize this was a gift, to be able to help others relate in different ways to the same concepts or ideas. 

I actually thought it was pretty usual, but then I would have those conversations I spoke about above where the teacher or speaker only had one track of explanation so if you didn’t understand it, well…

You didn’t get to understand it.

I began to understand this ability was a skill, a gift I was given.

But it wasn’t until much later in life I realized it and began to apply it intentionally to my own places of employment and businesses.

I use it now in my healing practice to mold each healing portal to the soul drawn to the healing or awakening.

I’m able to show up confidently, no matter the portal because I know that if you meet me there with intention, you’ll shift in big and little, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious ways because I will be able to meet you with exactly what you need to do so.

I guarantee there are similar gifts within you that you haven’t quite seen yet.

Or maybe you’ve seen them but you aren’t sure what they can be or how they can help you with your goals or desires.

Perhaps you’re unsure how to use them intentionally to boost your current position or create something new.

The shadow of doubt you may feel that what is easy for you must not be the right path is a belief you are running that life must be hard.

That money must be hard, and success and reward are only valid if they are earned with your blood, sweat, tears, and overall suffering.

That everything worth having will push you to the limit.

It becomes this filter you apply to every gift, talent, or ability you have because of course you desire to be happy, successful, and abundant.

But it’s been decided along the way that those feelings only come if you’ve put in a day of hard work.

Or months and years of hard work.

As someone who this was personally true for, I know that you may be reading that thinking,

“that’s ridiculous of course that’s not me and I don’t believe that”.

But I also know your gut is sinking just a little ( or maybe a lot! ) because that program, that filter, that belief, was instilled long before you were ever really aware it was being created.

This is something we heal so you’re able to see the gifts you have in the every day, easy, and mundane ways you experience or show up in your life.

It’s something you can heal so you can use them to shift out of resistance, out of it being so hard, and into your power, into your knowing, into your “heck yeses”.

We are all gifted and unique.

You came here with a different, even if it appears to be similar, mission or purpose to fulfill than me, your partner, your friends, or your neighbour.

And the things that feel easy to you are because they are meant to help you get there.

Yes, life will have challenges because through the challenge we grow.

Through the challenge, we discover new layers of ourselves and unlock new layers of our gifts.

But it is not meant to feel consistently, continually hard.

Life is meant to feel light, happy, and peaceful with moments of hard or challenging.

So if you feel that any part of you is running this filter of “if it isn’t hard, it isn’t worth it” or “everything is hard, so choose your hard”.

Or you might feel a rejection or repellent feeling towards the idea that life could be easier or even simply easy.

Sometimes the filter shows up not as something you’re aware of accepting but as something you’re actively rejecting.

So I invite you to explore not only the idea of life being easy but looking at the things that come easy to you with new eyes.

Eyes that invite the dropping of resistance and allowance of maybe there’s a way this gift can help me.

And when you’re ready to actively heal that programming to let the hard go and drop into your gifts and drop into your ease, there is so much I can help you open up to.

And we both know there are so many ways I’ll be able to help you find the path that finally lights the way!😉💖

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