Jaymie Sutherland

Spiritual healing & emotional alchemy to bring you back home to your soul essence, activate your spiritual gifts, and step fully into living your soul-aligned life.

Spiritual healer & teacher

I'm Jaymie sutherland |
Soul Healer & teacher

Welcome, beauty 

Through years & many lifetimes I have healed, studied, & connected with my wholeness from within

In this self-discovery & healing work I awakened my soul gifts & soul desire to be of service in helping YOU change your thoughts, shift your feelings, & experience your most abundant, joyful, & soul-led life

this is the soul remembrance & healing work that brings you home to your divine nature & heart-led, soulful self

I'm so glad you're here!

I have healed, [re]awakened, & [re]embodied on repeat

+ the need to please, accomplish, create, & live within the rules & beliefs pushed onto me by family, partners, peers, & society as a whole

+ at the root of my emotional trauma & triggers to [re]build unshakeable foundations of self-love, self-worth, & self-confidence

in this lifetime

+ to become the generational cycle-breaker of poverty, scarcity, & lack programming passed down from my parents, grandparents, & ancestors before me

I have shifted, alchemized, & let go

+ the need to be anything other than the divinely sourced, spiritually guided, & supported soul creator of the life my soul desires

I will help you seed new soulful, healing patterns & beliefs that blossom from within

to [re]discover & [re]create a mind, body, & soul resonance from  unconditional self-love to [re]activate your inner worth, [re]amplify your soul voice, & [re]member the divine, soulful being within

now It's your time

Emotional projector, SPIRITUAL SOUL leader, & LOVER OF fresh BREAD

I'm Jaymie.

my journey

dog momma | leo | empress

hello, love!

Healing Maven

I'm a soul-led healer & teacher who seeks out historical architecture & bookshops, collecting artwork & novels as souvenirs, & chooses tea & matcha over coffee every time

I believe that we all have access to a limitless well of unconditional love & kindness within us & that our worth has never been in question when it comes to receiving what we desire from this life - sometimes we just need a little help tapping back in

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