Jaymie Sutherland

Mind, body, & soul healing from a place of unconditional self-love to activate your inner worth, amplify your soul voice, & unleash the divine, soulful creatrix within.

Spiritual healing & guidance

if you desire to do the soul remembrance & healing work that brings you home to your divine nature & heart-led, spiritual self.

Welcome, beauty 

I'm Jaymie sutherland |
Spiritual Healer & guide

You're in the right place

Through years and many lifetimes I have healed, studied, and connected with my wholeness from within to curate the reality I desire from without. In this self-discovery and personal healing work I discovered my soul work - to provide soul healing to others who desire to come back home to their divine, soulful, spiritual selves.

to remember your wholeness, your joy, & your worth from within.

+ to release the burden of guilt that pushes you to burn-out just to meet external expectations impressed on you by family, partners, peers, & society over all.

+ to find the root of your triggers around love, money, worth, career, relationships, & health to clear emotional trauma & let go of the wounding weighing you down.

it's your time

+ to become the break in generational cycles of poverty, scarcity, & lack that's been passed down from your parents, grandparents, & ancestors before you.

It's your time,

I will help you seed new soulful, healing patterns & beliefs to blossom from within

heal with jaymie

My healing services are a blend of spiritual, energetic, & somatic healing practices, teachings, & codes infused throughout the 3 package offerings that are open for 1:1 for spiritual & energetic healing, intuitive awakening, mind, body, & soul connection, neural reprogramming, ancestral, generational, inner child, & past life healing, & emotional freedom.

1:1 90-minute Spiritually Guided Healing Session.

healing session

1:1 Spiritually Guided Healing Sessions & 1 Week of Telegram Support per Month.

angel healing package

1:1 Spiritually Guided Healing Sessions, monthly remote energy healing, & 3 Weeks of Telegram Support per Month.

goddess healing package

Healing packages

"With Jaymie's help I feel like I have swung my other leg over the fence and I'm jumping down into my new, confident life."

"I couldn't have chosen a better person to help me uplevel my life."

"Jaymie inspired me to go for what I want, and then she helped me get there."

"She helped me break through my fears around money and what it means to be successful. I get to decide what I'm worthy of and how I get to achieve it."

“What Jaymie provides you with will truly propel you to your next level.”

"She could see beyond what I hoped to achieve to breathe new life into it and help me come out the other side with confidence, encouragement, and the tools to live my dreams."

Connect with me on Instagram or send an email to hello@jaymiesutherland.co with any questions you have about working together ✨

it's okay if you're not sure where or how to begin


I'm Jaymie.

dog momma | leo | witch

hello, love!

Spiritual Healer & Guide

I'm a heart-led healer who seeks out historical architecture & bookshops, collecting artwork & novels as souvenirs, & chooses tea & hot chocolate over coffee every time.

I believe that we all have access to a limitless well of unconditional love & kindness within us & that our worth has never been in question when it comes to receiving what we desire from this life - sometimes we just need a little help remembering how to tap back in.

Whether you're new and awakening, or familiar and ready for more - I can help you discover the spark that ignites your next level of being.

Whether you prefer to tune in or read, choose your adventure & share your favourite podcast episode,  journal entry, or post with me on Instagram or via email!

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