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A Time To Rise; A Past Life Healing Experience

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May 2, 2023

I made a beautifully expansive investment in my growth this morning💗💫

Sitting at a corner table eating breakfast at my favourite little cafe, submitting payments towards my inner growth with my hot chocolate and half-eaten BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce, & tomato) sandwich on the table in front of me.

I hit ‘pay now’ on a 30-day program designed to help me expand into and activate my Quantum Identity.

I took a bite out of my sandwich and gazed out the window at the blue sky with tall trees swaying in the wind.

It was chilly outside but at that table, making moves, I felt so nourished and warm, excited and whole, fully expanded already.

Just another Thursday✨❤️‍🔥

I love these moments!

I anchor them deeply into my being each time I have them and I know part of the space I have right now for this program was created in the past life healing I experienced last night.

This healer helped me tap into and clear many lifetimes that have been holding me hostage in the trauma of those experiences.

I’ve worked through many past lives on my own but working with a spiritual healer attuned to past life regression was next level!

I felt so much clearer this morning and I know the healing will continue to integrate and release and unlock the gifts that those lifetimes revealed and awakened over the next few weeks.

Past lifetimes hold lessons to be learned, soul gifts to be unearthed, experiences meant to teach something new – all to take forward as new imprints on our soul in the next life.

But what we don’t often realize, is we can bring the trauma forward too and the fear we hold from that trauma can keep us from unleashing those soul gifts.

Let alone freely using them, because it feels as dangerous now as it did in that lifetime even though the perceived threat from that lifetime isn’t here with us now.

This healing was no different in that the lifetimes we moved through illuminated the ways in which fear from those experiences was keeping me from embracing myself fully as the spiritual goddess and healer that I am.

This session solidified how powerful this knowing, acknowledgment, and clearing can be, and I’d like to share a piece of it here.

If you’ve experienced past life healing you may connect with this lifetime from your own lifetimes lived, if you’re new to past life healing then this is a peek at what it’s like and if you resonate on any level with the lifetime here then you may have similar traumas in your own past lives❤️

To begin the session she guided me deeply into myself, into my body, my heart, and my soul, called in my guides and my spiritual team, and then together we walked through 3 separate lifetimes that my guides wanted us to heal in this particular session.

I knew when we were in the first lifetime because my body responded.

Because our bodies hold everything.

Our bodies are the subconscious mind where each memory of feeling is held and carried forward until witnessed or healed to be released.

Our bodies hold all the codes from this lifetime and the many before because our body is feeling, our body is energy connected to the energy of all things because all things are energy.

Just imagine for a moment the power to be found in tapping into that energy, awakening and igniting those codes and the knowing we can find within.

As that first lifetime rose up I found my body racked with sobs from a hidden grief I hadn’t know was within me finally receiving permission to be released in the safety of this guided session.

In this lifetime I was a young, religious, girl and I had prayed and prayed for a child so when I finally fell pregnant I was overjoyed and praised Jesus and God!

When my son was born those 9 months later, my miracle baby was born with a physical deformity and in an outdated society, at a time when the witch trials were at their height, any deformity was a curse as it was considered a mark of the devil.

I’m going to share the details below of the moment in this past lifetime we were guided to where a big purpose of this lifetime was to bring my emotional body completely online.

This experience was meant to stretch the depths and range of emotions that my physical human body could hold and move through.

I felt the stinging desperation and failure of a mother unable to have a child, the relief and gratitude of a miracle baby finally conceived, and the unconditional love and joy only a mother can know.

Then I felt the indescribable grief of a child lost, the anger, powerlessness, and rage of a woman against an ignorant age of fear-mongering men, and the soul-shattering betrayal of my supposed to be merciful God taking a baseball bat to my beliefs.

I experienced it all so my emotional understanding, intelligence, connection, and empathy were fully ignited to be carried forward into the next life for me to help others move through and experience their emotions in a soulful, spiritual way that doesn’t have to bring them crumbling down like I did.

With that being said, I offer a gentle warning, as the details are somewhat graphic.

So take a moment to ask yourself if the story is one you’re okay to witness, then continue or skip forward to the next part.

Because in reading it may awaken a memory within yourself, of a similar lifetime and the trauma held within you carried forward by your soul.

In this past life memory, I was running through the woods with my miracle baby in my arms, deformed not by the devil, but for whatever reason, by my God, being chased by a group of angry, sadistic, misinformed men.

They captured me, took my baby, and held me back as they murdered him in a ritualistic fashion, designed to release the devil they believed had hold of him.

I screamed and I screamed.

Enraged in my grief. Fighting against the men holding me back.

Fighting against their stupidity, their ignorance, and cruelty.

Enraged at a God who blessed me and betrayed me in the same breath.

Enraged at the Universe as a whole.

In my outrage and grief, I was screaming uncontrollably so they held me down and cut out my tongue to shut me up.

They left me crumbled, tongueless on the ground, silently sobbing for the miracle baby they stole from me.

Both of us innocent victims of their fear, unprotected by our God.

It hasn’t felt safe to be spiritual until recently.

And after this lifetime, which I’ll note is only 1 lifetime of many, who could blame me?

I’m not the only one who has lifetimes such as this that are held in our soul.

Of course, we’ve been afraid to speak up, to speak out, to ask the Universe or God, or our guides for their wisdom, their support, their blessing.

Who can blame any of us for fearing this power we feel rising.

Denying the connection and the signs we see more and more daily.

Refusing to allow the knowing we feel coming and awakening we’re holding at arm’s length.

It’s scary as f*ck to rise up as a woman, let alone a witch, a healer, a spiritual goddess.

In a world where we have been persecuted, hunted, and ripped apart for being anything other than quiet, meek, and compliant we have not felt safe to own our truths.

To own our powers.

To claim our gifts.

We have not felt safe to answer the call deep within of our soul pushing us to find more, to be more, to become more.

I’m not saying we may never be mocked, face betrayal or lose friends in the journey of soul discovery or in embracing once again our divine spiritual nature.

Our feminine power. Our divine magic.

But the journey is so f*cking worth it.

The mocking means nothing.

And the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been.

There has never been a time such as now where it’s safe for women to boldly stand up and claim space for themself.

There are covens, circles, gatherings, and groups coming together, rising together, openly inviting, openly sharing, openly seen.

We are lifting each other up, holding out a hand, and offering to lead the way, welcoming whoever wants to rise, along for the journey.

If this is you, you feel the knowing in your heart, in your gut, in your womb.

You feel the call to awaken, to answer the codes, to find depth, knowing, and sovereignty from within.

I encourage you to answer the call.

The gifts I have awoken have allowed me to heal within myself so much pain, so much sorrow, and so much grief from being quiet, from staying still, from staying small.

After years, and many lifetimes, I’m shedding layers of trauma and fear that’s opened, and continue to open, gifts of healing, gifts of sight, gifts of knowing, gifts of feeling, and not just within myself, for myself, but of the world and for the world.

My gifts are an invitation for you to heal yourself, to awaken your own magic, your own purpose, and to alchemize your grief and your trauma into power, into codes, into incredible, golden light frequencies that amplify, and enrich your life, your family, your desires, your experiences, and every soul that you touch.

We are a ripple effect of divine knowing, healing, and rising.

I am a healer, an activator, an expander, a witch, and my methodology combines spiritual, energetic, somatic, and emotional practices, teachings, and codes to unlock YOUR divine, spiritual, magical, creatrix within.

The powerful woman, who can’t wait to break free and share her heart and speak her soul.

This is the lifetime where maybe, just maybe, you can finally have it all.

You can be openly deeply spiritual, find or create a family you love, and openly share your gifts and your magic to enrich other souls with the knowledge of the many lifetimes you may hold because finally, finally, it is safe to have it all.

You can finally claim your desires, and make them your reality.

It is finally safe to be known – first and foremost by yourself.

In our work, you unlock the power of your divine soul and self.

In our work, you come powerfully, lovingly, and soulfully back home to your divine, creatrix self.


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