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May 9, 2023

I think we get caught up in needing to be okay with where we are right now, forever.

We’re afraid that to accept where we are means we can’t or don’t want change in the future.

We’re holding this idea that if we’re happy or grateful for what we have right now, we can’t ever experience anything more.

But wanting more, desiring bigger and better from your life, your experiences, your relationships, or your work, has no relation or impact on loving where you’re at.

Let alone loving the journey that you’re on.

You’re wired to want more, you’re wired to have desires so each new level you reach will reveal a new desire to be worked towards, always.

Your desires are what drive you forward to unearth new meaning in what your life gets to hold.

This also means you’re meant to potentially contradict yourself.

Honouring where you are now doesn’t mean that you aren’t open to moving forward in deeper or more fulfilling ways.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to stay exactly where you are, just because you love the era you’re in.

This was a big theme that I found in season two of Sex/Life!

Spoiler alert incoming for anyone who hasn’t seen it quite yet but is looking forward to watching it!

In season two, the character Sasha wrote a book about being fiercely independent, not needing a man to complete you, and loving the sexy, single life.

She experiences incredible success in the response to her story and empowering single women, but in the time of publishing and launching, she reconnects with an old flame and finds herself entering a new relationship where they fall deeply back in love.

Her followers begin to question her validity in selling a book as a sexy single woman, while she’s no longer single so her agent tells her to hide the relationship to protect her brand.

But here’s the thing.

She wrote the book when she was moving through her sexy, single era.

She was absolutely embodied fully in the meaning of what she wrote and even still stands behind owning yourself as a fiercely, sexy, single woman.

And in owning that place that she was in, she found herself in new ways and opened up to a love that she was finally fully herself for.

I think this is what every era is about.

It’s about owning where you are and honouring it in a way that guides you to find wholeness within it.

There’s no part of being happy and grateful for your current era that means you are okay with it forever.

The only constant in the world is change.

That means it’s inevitable so even loving where you are and the place that you’re in can’t keep you there forever.

Because the truth is you may never be in this place again.

It only takes one person to come along and light your heart to end your single era.

It only takes one contract to be signed for your little business to become bigger.

It only takes one decision to move your body with joy for the weight to begin to fall off.

It only takes one person, one moment, one yes – for everything to change.

Don’t stop yourself from growing because you’re afraid of what it may look like.

Don’t stop yourself from being where you are because you’re afraid it will last forever.

There’s a sweet spot to be found where you embrace every moment, every era that you’re in, so that your growth, in its inevitability, will flow into each change as they come.

Find your deepest self in where you are and let her bloom.

There’s a reason why you’re here, a piece of yourself to be revealed, to be healed, to be awakened, loved, and known.

Find your soul in where you are and calibrate to the codes that it desires to unearth and activate within you so that you can meet your next level, your next change, knowing even more of who you are and what you have to give.

Changing does not mean you lose that piece of who you were.

Allow yourself to be in each stage and share about each one even as you move forward.

Becoming entwined in a love that fills you up doesn’t mean you can’t teach about your fiercely, independent, single era – if that’s something that still lights you up to speak on.

– Let yourself love being new, then love becoming discovered, then love becoming known, then love becoming sought out.

– Let yourself love being single, then love being dated, then love being a partner, then love being a family.

Let yourself love every. Single. Era.

And let yourself discover who you are in each one.

Let yourself grow.

Let yourself change, and let yourself find new levels of success, happiness, knowing, and strength in each one.

You may only be here once.

Don’t miss out on the you that’s available now by always looking forward to the next.

And don’t miss out on the next by thinking that means you’ll be forever.

It’s literally impossible. Change is a given!

You can choose to fight it and slow it down with your resistance, or you can choose to lean in and find joy in wherever you happen to be in your right now.

Personally, I choose joy 😉


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