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May 16, 2023

In our desire to surrender to the Universe, to release, and allow ourselves to be guided toward our highest, most divine, loving timeline, there’s a piece that’s often missing.

You can surrender all day long, and the Universe will always answer, but at the point of inspired action is fear keeping you from taking it?

One of my biggest fears in giving myself wholly to becoming the naturally divine healer that I am was putting forth my max effort and energy only to have it fall short of the outcome I wanted.

I was afraid to give everything without knowing that the effort would lead to the outcome I desired.

Following all the nudges, attuning to and connecting with my guides, and using my design to make decisions around creation and execution, could still lead me to crushing defeat.

I was afraid to put my heart into creating offers, products, and content that I loved only to have no one else want to experience it.

For so long I was afraid to truly surrender, to truly give myself to my divine path even when I thought I wanted to because what if I still failed?

What would that mean about me?

What would that mean about my skills as a healer?

What would that mean about my desire to truly help?

I was holding the weight of each perceived failure from my past as the measuring tape of unalignment.

I was letting this fear mean if an effort didn’t afford the desired outcome it meant everything about me was wrong.

I was paralyzed by the belief that even taking action doesn’t guarantee the desired outcome.

In a Quantum Session with one of my coaches, I decided I wanted to clear this.

So we leaned deeply into this belief and the fear behind it to find I was holding a lack of trust in myself and the divine timing of the Universe.

My body was addicted to my past, it was addicted to the fear of my previous perceived failures and losses, holding onto them as proof that this time wouldn’t work either because I’m not enough.

It was holding onto them to fortify a belief that the Universe doesn’t provide anyway because even when I was connected to my intuition and following the guidance I received I still didn’t succeed.

So why try, if there’s no way I can succeed?

This was the belief I was holding and the program I was running against every new idea, new endeavor, and new desire that was rising up for me.

And in that session, as she was speaking to this addiction, this lack of trust, this fear of trying with a desired outcome that isn’t guaranteed, and just another failure to be experienced – my guides came through strongly and questioned:

Who says those were failures?

– Well, me – I responded.

Based on what? – they asked.

– I didn’t receive what I wanted – I said

Based on what? – they asked again.

– I desired this outcome and asked for guidance, following my intuitive pulls, and I still experienced this completely different result as a failured outcome. – I answered.

And they asked:

Who says those outcomes weren’t EXACTLY what you were meant to experience?
– Who says they weren’t a huge success on the path to what you desire?

And in that moment, a new knowing came shining through to clear this belief and help break my body of this addiction.

If we believe, that everything we experience is part of our divine plan and divine timing, then every outcome is too.

If we are always being guided, we are always being nudged, and sometimes that means a correction or redirection is needed.

Then every “failed” business, “failed” launch, or “failed” relationship, is also divine.

But the messaging around following what feels aligned is often backed by what’s aligned will work out.

That being aligned equates success, but success based on what?

Based on you? From your parents, partner, or friends? From strangers on the internet?

You don’t know your full path, you cannot see the full picture.

My past launched programs with no sign-ups, businesses with only one client, relationships that fizzled out, coaches who didn’t serve as they promised – had a purpose.

They were guiding me to a lesson, to a learning.

They were activating new codes and forcing me to face outdated programs to be rewritten.

All those “failures” were redirection.

All those “failures” were divine.

They were the Universe and my guides saying yes but not this, yes but not in this way, yes but this first.

Each “failure” in the eyes of my guides, were successes in leading me deeper, guiding me to question, reconnect with myself, and bring me back home.

Can anything really be a failure if its purpose is to redirect you or bring you more fully online and onto your divine path.

If there’s soul growth to be done so that when you receive your desire you can fully revel in it, can it really be wrong.

If there’s a better way for you to reach your divine desires that’s actually simpler or easier, can it really be a failure when the other person’s way doesn’t “work”.

If your apartment floods and you’re forced to leave a home that you love but in your next home you meet your soul-love next door – disaster, or divine?

If you lose your job and can’t make rent so you’re forced to take a random job just to pay your bills and you dream up an idea with one of your co-workers between breaks that you develop together and sell for thousands of dollars – disaster, or divine?

If you struggle to sign clients in your coaching business for creative entrepreneurs and spend thousands of dollars on schooling that sinks you into debt, you’re forced to go within in search of your true passion and face your core beliefs where you ignite soul gifts, open channels, and find healing that brings you home to the divine, spiritual healer you are – disaster, or divine?

The only true failure is stopping.

The only true failure is quitting before you can grow.

I offer you these questions as reframe when things aren’t working the way you think they should;

  • How can you surrender to the potential in this redirection?
  • How can you open yourself up to the potential lessons being revealed?
  • Can you seek out where you’re being called to re-evaluate or take stock of your environment, your actions, or your desires?
  • Are you willing to see ways in which change is required, and are you willing to take action to realign?
  • How can you quiet your mind, regulate your body, and release the distress to take the next action?

If you can and are willing, then you invite your light to be uncovered, your truths to be unearthed, and your divine plan to be revealed in its divine, knowing timing.

You can begin to find comfort in the redirection and joy in the unknown meaning that anything is possible and there’s actually a better way than you thought.

A redirect is an opportunity of – if not this, then something better.

It’s not your job to decide how good it gets to be, because your imagination can only take you so far.

Be open to each failure by society’s standards as a beautiful reframe in motion for something even bigger you’re meant to do, become, experience, or create.

Your past does not dictate your future unless you let it.

Don’t let an addiction to the past and the fear of what’s happened before colour the potential of what you can do now.

You deserve so much better than that.

You ARE so much better than that because you are divine in your limitless potential.

And each time you allow yourself to go deeper, to dream bigger, to experience greater, each time you discover, release, and rewrite, each layer that you heal, each piece that you call back, each step that you take;

Is guiding you back home to your divine, inspired nature, and loving, soulful self.

Let wholeness be your new definition of success💫❤️‍🔥


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