Spirituality As A Journey Home


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May 23, 2023

Spirituality to me is about coming home.

We are spiritual in nature and human by design with our human being the experience we’re having as a soul.

But in the last ( what sometimes feels like few 😉 ) thousand years, we’ve gotten lost.

We are so caught up in the human, 3D world that our connection to the divine is a memory that not all can recall.

But so many of us have woken and more and more of us continue to wake.

We’re remembering our roots, realigning to our purpose, and creating connections to the divine within ourselves.

It’s an era to finally come alive in because the awakening is only the beginning, the living awake is the magic and celebration of life.

Through this lens we’re experiencing everything in brand new ways that defy the logical, linear world of patterns created over centuries in the name of “progress” or “advancement” to keep us in line with our eyes down and our heart overshadowed by our mind.

With more of us reaching for the spiritual in a desire to connect with a deeper meaning beyond the physical world we are looking up with eyes wide open and our hearts leading the way.

The connection we’re remembering with our heart, our soul, and spiritual self is awakening our divine natures and allowing us to push back against the patterns we’ve fallen into that have kept us copying each other’s paths.

Drumming quietly, step by step, moving forward 1-by-1 along an old beaten path of the “normal”, “traditional”, or “average”. 

But lately, we’ve been stepping out of line.

We’ve been stepping off the path, to the side, and forging our own way.

In these side steps we’re seeing so many people experiencing overflow of wealth, abundance, and love in big gulping quantum leaps.

– We’re seeing physical and mental healing that defy traditional statistics, probabilities, and western medicine that focuses only on physical symptoms to treat.

– We’re coming back to teachings, sciences, and philosophies that encompass full mind, body, and soul knowing.

– We’re rediscovering the magic in the world we have only to decide we are worthy of to experience and receive.

– We’re throwing timelines out the window and coming home to the idea that WE are the source of all goodness, WE are the creators of joy, WE are the amplification of happiness within, and the life we are living is the mirror in which our inner self is reflected.

And where we used to feel fear in the idea that we’ve created the world we’re experiencing, we’re beginning to find power in it.

If you’re the creator then you’re also the ceiling for what you can experience, achieve, feel, receive, and love.

That means you are only limited by yourself and what you believe.

As you take a look around and audit the relationships, career, and environment you’ve created in your life right now you may feel guilt, sadness, anger, resentment, or frustration.

I know I have.

I fought against accepting myself as the creator because to accept I’m creator of the good is also accepting I’m creator of the bad.

It was only when I got past those hurt feelings keeping me from looking deeper that I could use them as indication of where lessons, healing, and change was still needed for me to realign myself with the good.

And when I forgave myself for allowing the people and treatment that were less than what I wanted, less than what I was worthy of, and keeping me as less than who I wanted to be.

I could finally move forward in true positivity that didn’t take immense energy to stay in the frequency of.

I invite you to ponder this thought and what it truly means to be the creator.

To become the creatrix of your divine life.

This creation for me is deeply spiritual because communing with your soul and with source is the path to the life that you desire and more.

It’s the key to stepping away from the path that everyone else is walking and onto your own.

It’s the key to opening your eyes and waking up.

It’s the key to rediscovering what YOUR desired life is because it can only be revealed

– when your masks are taken off and put down for good,
– when your previously accepted linear programming is questioned and rewired,
– when protections built to keep you safe from the outside world are released,
– when the identity of the person you’ve had to be just to survive is untangled,

and separated from the identity of your heart and your soul.

In that journey is the rediscovery of the divine and your divine nature, and the remembrance of your soulful, loving self 💫❤️


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